Packaging component manufacturers

Julian Tait

Open 3P supply chain workshops – Packaging component manufacturers

These supply chain workshops are designed for members of the packaging value chain looking to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the Open 3P data standard. Workshops focus on different areas of the chain and will help participants recognise the business and environmental advantages of adopting the standard in terms of streamlining processes and optimising resource efficiency.

The workshops will focus on the adoption and implementation process and are relevant to the entire chain from organisations involved directly in packaging infrastructure to peripheral entities. The design of the standard will help organisations better report to schemes such as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), Plastic Tax, Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), Deposit Return Schemes (both digital and traditional), as well as pipeline regulations.

The Open 3P data standard has been developed by Open Data Manchester on behalf of the packaging industry as part of the PPP initiative led by Dsposal in partnership with OPRL, Recoup and Ecosurety and funded through Innovate UK’s Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging (SSPP) programme.

Supply chain workshops will take place on Zoom and will repeat on a bi-monthly basis.

Workshops programme:

  • Compliance schemes / waste and recycling: 24/07 -10am, 25/09 – 2pm, 20/11 – 10am
  • Base materials / Material manufacturers: 26/07 – 10am, 27/09 – 2pm, 22/11 – 10am
  • Packaging component manufacturers: 28/07 – 10am, 29/09 – 2pm, 24/11 – 10am
  • Product manufacturers: 31/07 – 10am, 02/10 – 2pm, 27/11 – 10am
  • Retailers / Brands 02/08 – 10am, 04/10 – 2pm, 29/11 – 10am
  • Logistics 04/08 – 10am, 06/10 – 2pm, 01/12 – 10am